The paradox of following the crowd

The boring Pre Statement

What follows here could be a simple retake on how people like Elon or Jobs were thinking of “success”, while any individual can have their own opinion and definition for success. Looooong long ago, Greek philosopher Sextus Empiricus replied “Nothing” to the question of “What it was possible to know”, and the mere reason is, a rational discussion around anything is absurd. For the same reason, it is impossible to have a common definition for the success of our life and our career.

The paradox!

It’s hard to make it not sound like preaching. Yet!

Who defines the success of your career? Yourself !

The moment we think we are doing mediocre work, regardless of how rocket science it is for the outside world — that means we are descending in our career. Same way, the moment we believe that our belief is the heat of the industry, we might still be descending in our career. The former is evident because you defined the state yourself, and the latter is dangerously implicit. A mere repeat of “paradox”!

Strong Vision and High Flexibility in Details — the summary of Jeff’s advice.

In 2016, my Iranian friend in Sydney, replied to me “trust me, this will change your life”, when I said “I am reading a book” (the name of the book doesn’t matter here). I was baffled by his advice as response, because I know, hardly any of my friends or colleagues read it, and they are leading a life (career) too.

What next ? Take away

“What to learn in 2023" ? That could be useful yea?

Bumping into something interesting

Basic Research

Don’t follow the crowd

Deep dive, find passion and kill mediocrity

Be flexible in details

Stop, validate with the crowd and be ready to unlearn



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Afsal Thaj

A software engineer and a functional programming enthusiast at Simple-machines, Sydney, and a hardcore hiking fan.